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At Lothian Business Services Ltd our client managers specialise in every area of the licensed trade, so whatever your situation we can provide the necessary expertise to advise help.


If you're struggling with any aspect of the business, or would like some general advice without using our accountancy or stock management services we can offer consultation services. Using our wide-range of skills and experience we can help you where you need it


Depending on exactly what you require, we can do a number of things. We offer full site visits where we look at every detail of your business. We'll even have a look at local competition and advise accordingly. If you have issues with HMRC or are trying to prepare the relevant forecasts for rent reviews or possible pub purchases, we can help!


We have a qualified Graphic Designer onboard that can offer professional advice or tips on your business design identity such as logos, websites, business cards, or anything else you use to promote your business. Whether it be improvments or starting from scratch we will be able to offer you something that represents you and your company with a design you will be happy with.


If there is any aspect of the business you want help with, we can help!


Whatever your issues are, whatever you wish to discuss. Give us a call or send us an enquiry and we'll have one of our Client Managers get in touch and arrange a visit.

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